Drive By Digital Team

Michael Marsowicz
Michael Marsowicz Founder

Michael Marsowicz is a digital, technology and marketing consultant who advises companies on the overarching impact of their digital and business strategy regarding prospects, customers and employees. Michael has been in digital consulting and professional services for almost 20 years selling and delivering strategies that improve product and service awareness, drive prospect and customer engagement that ultimately drive bottom-line revenue and expand market share.

Working with CMO’s, Creative Directors, Business Analysts and Technology and Marketing teams he looks to educate and further drive forward-thinking initiatives that generate longer-lasting results, push boundaries, and provide deeper engagement. Michael continuously inspires, motivates, and engages the teams he works with.

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Ismet Lisica Chief Creative Officer

An entrepreneur, designer, and creative artist, Ismet’s work includes world class user experiences across digital, physical, product design and branding. Having worked with hundreds of global brands including start-ups his work has been exhibited around the world to millions of users.

Together with sister Naida, he has expanded on his father’s artisanal metal spinning legacy and through their brand LisicaLisica he discovers exciting new ways to approach working with metals. Design is the Lisica family business, and they invite you to be a part of their story, in which they dare to shape reality differently.

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Teresa Rothaar
Teresa Rothaar Brand Strategy and Copywriter

Teresa Rothaar is a seasoned copywriter with a hybrid STEM-business background and over 20 years of experience as a copywriter and content provider. While her specialty areas are data science, machine learning, and cyber security, Teresa has produced content in a wide variety of genres over the years, from pet sitting to health insurance to online education, and she is a quick study on any subject. She is highly educated, holding a B.S. in math and computer science from Temple University and an MBA and an M.S. in management information systems from Wilmington University.

In her spare time, Teresa is a dedicated distance runner who has completed two full marathons and numerous half marathons. She is from Philadelphia but now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband and their pets.

Bob Lautenbach
Bob Lautenbach IT Leader
Entrepreneurial IT leader with proven strategic and technical skills. A true “roll up your sleeves” leader who can communicate and work effectively with “C”-level executives, Fortune 500 companies and technology teams alike. IoT visioning and implementation experience across multiple industries including Retail/Service, Hospitality, Entertainment, Health Care, Defense and Travel.
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